Throughout the year, our team goes all over Le Mans and its surrounding areas to find the best partners to fuel our network and improve our prestations. Regardless of the field of activity, thanks to our partners, we are able to answer all yours needs.


Every year, we renew our partnerships with the best transport services in Sarthe in order to provide various benefits at the best possible price to our clients.

Bike, scooters, car rental | Taxi/Private driver | Groups transportation | Helicopter



Wether it be for your personal or professional outfits, La Conciergerie du Circuit takes care of your look, and answer to all your shopping needs

Laundry service | Retouching and sewing | Shoe or locksmith repairing service | Purchase and delivery


Restaurant | Breakfast and meal delivery | Daily catering


Thanks to his accommodation service, Destination Circuit, La Conciergerie du Circuit provide a wide accommodations range, from B&B to the booking of a castle. With our experience, and our numerous partners, we can offer the best service, answering to all your quality requirements.


When stress starts to take over, our team thinks about your well-being too, and offer relaxing time with professionals.

La Conciergerie du Circuit takes care of your health, and plan your medical appointment with skilled specialists.


La Conciergerie du Circuit also excels in event organization. From the simple evening to the organization of a receptive of several days, we put every effort to make your event unforgettable, perfectly matching your expectations and going even beyond.